A Destination

The allure of paradise

 the busy mind searches for tranquility

the busy mind searches for tranquility

They say the world is flat - highly inter-connective and completely accessible.  That's true.  The global marketplace is increasingly accessible by a global population exponentially growing in its appetite to consume, explore and experience.  The shift and expansion in global wealth has resulted in a entire populations moving beyond the search for survival and comfort, to self actualization, prosperity, happiness and luxury.  What does this mean for the global tourism industry?  Both risk and historically unparalleled opportunity.

 Quiet reflection

Quiet reflection

First the risk.  Global communication and social media ensures that a disgruntled customer has a voice, and that voice can ring around the world with amazing speed.  Destiantional tourism needs to move with the times.  What was new 10 years ago is passe and in need of a revamp.   So this new world of accessible markets comes with a cost - a poor experience is easily communicated and the impact on business can be profound.

What about the opportunity?  Equally, the ability to connect to a market has never been greater.  New ways of reaching an audience with an authenticity, relevance and impact are ever ermerging. 

So how does a luxury travel consumer use this new-found ability to access information to make their tourism decision?  They look for images that create a desire to visit and read reviews that personally describe the experience.  

Powerful images that elicit a desire to visit with reviews that accurately, independently and thoroughly detail the experience of being there are one way a tourism a businesses that caters to tourist can cut through the noise of global availability of travel options and connect the business with the traveler. 

So what do they want?


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